About DJ Mar N Dean

DJ Mar N Dean are Australian music producers that had their humble beginnings back in 2001 expanding a collection of over 600 published songs available through our publisher www.freeplaymusic.com.

Our journey began in 2001 but it was not until 2004 when we decided to take our music composing seriously and release our music.

In recent years we have been working to expand out music to other production library platforms to bring more awareness to our music.

As we grew in number of releases our humble beginnings had us working with a massive range of samples from all over the world and since then growing a library of plugins as well

We have also been working to bring our music directly to our fans through bandcamp.

We are also a team of multi-talent which includes web design, art and photography

It has been a long ride but also a very enjoyable music career writing songs and entering remix competitions and meeting new people.

Our Team:

Micheal Barrett
Dean Barrett
Judith Whittaker