Managing Creativity And Building A Blog

Managing Creativity And Building A Blogging Website.

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It can be challenging finding just enough time to write music but what about when you have a writer’s block, we don’t have the motivation to write music as well for some time and you just got situations where writing music is just not in your  interest you know what I mean it’s not much different for blogger either some of us even have to use voice to text just to get an article written because it’s hard to focus when you try to write an article with so many distractions now as I write my articles using voice to text to help write better articles and speak my mind so this article covers how I tackle both writing music and trying to find the time to do my blog as well so strap in you’re in for a ride.

Writing music is pretty hard as it is especially if you got distractions family coming into your room all the time even when you’ve told him you’ve got stuff going on trying to write a song you know what it’s like if you’re a family person and got people come into your room its tough, but we make do and that’s what I’m doing so when I can’t focus on making music I can take a step back and think about a blog post I might go down to the gym sit on a cardio machine and then think about my blog and a post, then express myself using a voice to text so that I can get my thoughts straight onto a blog post and see how other people react because that’s what it is, it’s sitting back telling it like it is and being truthful to my readers and I admit it’s not easy but nothing is easy otherwise It wouldn’t even be worth doing would it.

I’m sitting on a cardio bike right now explaining the situation that I’m in but I’m also trying to build a Blog that gives good quality content to my readers, talking about software and why I use them this is especially important talking about trying to make time to run your business, build business and then find time to also blog so one of the bonuses to having Like a 24 hour gym membership, if you live in a small town like I do, is you can go into a gym when its empty to get your thoughts onto a phone and save them and post them on your blog once you’ve edited them at home.

Just try talking to your phone when you got family around though so that’s why I have come to this idea we can just go straight to the gym talk about it here and then edit it when you get home.

So my article today talks about this finding time finding a balance wish you really have to do when my creativity kicks and it’s usually late at night as well so I got to sit down right when the inspiration kicks in and I’ll put some new ideas down and a program sometimes I don’t always work out so I don’t usually write the entire mix I’ll write it into like a loop Style and see if it flows before I progress the song cos you don’t have been progressing the song if it’s not gonna go anywhere she just keep adding more and more and more ideas to the song while the creativity is there usually you give it enough time and you can start progressing the song on from there if you’ve got enough inspiration to work with otherwise there’re some days you just you get nowhere and and you got to slide stop he think yourself like I am I going to sit here and watch YouTube videos all night or can I make better use my time so that’s why I started doing a Blog so now I can write quality articles and then when my creativity kicks in again I can then also write good music as well I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at music but I just enjoy the time I have when I do write music so do it for fun see you in my spare time I also like learning web design creating interesting looking websites without spending a fortune I’ll watch video guides myself and learn certain techniques to get a look and feel that I’m after for example there’s a plugin you can get for WordPress called elemental page builder is absolutely fantastic four building front pages or static website I swear by using it a lot of the time but in recent months I’ve been seeing the progress of the new Gutenberg text editor what’s actually a block editor and it’s been an absolutely fantastic tool to use as well so I’ve been trying to go as minimal as possible my website and sort of just work with themes and customise them to get what I want from as you can see here they also take a bit of time so I don’t do it a lot that’s why I’ve been minimising the site so I can just focus on writing content.

So how’s thing when I want to write articles I take my phone somewhere quiet and I focus on the article I want to talk about use voice to text haven’t written a lot of the text because I’m talking straight to the phone and then edit all the content that I record I select what I want and don’t want for my post like I said this is a really really tricky to try and find a balance and time and I gotta make do with what I’ve got.

How do you manage your time and creativity how do you find a balance let me know in the comments below be sure to check back on my block for new updates I’m constantly trying to bring out fresh content and eventually I’ll have a guide up as well soon

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