Introducing Micheal Barrett

Who is Micheal Barrett? many wonder who the hidden talent behind
DJ Mar N Dean is and why has he not revealed himself, read on to discover!

Micheal Barrett at the beach

Artist Interview

Q: What music inspires you?
A: My favorite musical style is chill-out, a Style of Jake Chudnow’s Turquoise is very interesting style to me and I discovered this gem while I was watching Vsauce, I love Vsauce.

Q: Are you working on any albums?
A: Yes I have just completed my albumDefinitywhich has been submitted to a publisher for release soon!

Two of my songs ‘Phased‘ and
Singularity‘ which have also been featured on my new album and available on my SoundCloud to listen to, is inspired fromTurquoise” and “Olive” both amazing works made by “Jake Chudnow“,

Q: What are your favorite plugins?
A: Oh this is a tricky question, I have so many that I use, so I’ll just list the top 5 plugin’s that I use and find a use in 90% of my music, first up is “Omnisphere by Spectrasonics” it’s hands-down the best Vst instrument money can buy, absolutely stunning quality and endless ideas stemming from this top-notch software, the amount of pieces I have come up with alone is generally from this software.

Second, my runner up is “Serum  by Xfer Records“, it’s quality is second only to Omnisphere in my opinion, with one of the easiest user interfaces I have ever worked with, I have created some bizarre and amazing sounds due to it’s automation capabilities and quality sound, I made “Singularity” using Serum.

Third, another plugin from the same guy would have to be an effect plugin “LFOTool” this easily creates the ducking affects that I so regularly use in all my music, not to mention it’s also fully automatable and follows the same interface as Serum, this tool is just amazing for creating jaw dropping effects.

Fourth, much like the previous plugin, I use “Stutter Edit by Izotope“, this plugin does exactly what the name suggests and it does it well, there’s rarely been times where I have not used this plugin in one way or another, with a few exceptions and even then, creating a stutter field edit on an ambient track is just a dream and easy to do with this plugin.

Fifth would have to be “Scaler by Plugin Boutique” I call this the Idea generator, you play some stuff on the keyboard and it tells you what key you are in and you can build all chords based off the chord you pick, if you know music theory then this probably won’t help you much.

At the time when I first started getting into composing my own stuff, I needed something to guide me and teach me music theory and still enjoy creating music and not to mention I easily get the ideas flowing, overall this plugin has saved me a lot of times from writers block or the 8 measure trap that you get into on DAW’s. It’s because of this plugin that overtime I have learnt so much more about music production and I will continue to study music theory outside of my DAW.

Honorable mention goes to “East West Studio’s Play VSTi” This plugin is generally a subscription service to access all of their instruments and it allows me to let out my inner soundtracks and classical styles that I have had buried deep inside me, while Omnisphere can do a lot of the work, EW Play just has all the authentic real instrument sounds that inspires me to create, the reason this is not top of my list is because I only use it on special occasions where I just need the ‘real’ stuff to inspire me.

Q: What do you primarily use to create your music?
A: I like to use Ableton Live 10 Suite for all my music production needs, it provides the most flexibility, I enjoy the ease of use and how easy it is tojust write an idea down and flow with it, such a fun program and has inspired me more times than any other DAW I have used in the past.

Q: With your first album completed, what new styles and music are you working on for your next big project in 2019?
A: This year is gonna be packed full of surprises and new content, I am looking forward to getting my foot in the door on some chill out house or even ‘feel good’ soundtracks like “Voyage“, which is also featured on my album!
I cant wait for you to check it out, it’s an exciting new year and I am looking forward to releasing more quality tracks.

Q: Would you like to leave a message for our readers?
A: Yes, hi everyone! Check out my Sounds and leave a like and comment, I really do appreciate all the support and maybe pop by my YouTube channel and subscribe for more content, it’ll help me be more creative and hopefully deliver more quality content for you!

Thanks Micheal Barrett for your valuable time, we look forward to your next album and whatever else you have in store for us.


Micheal Barrett is a music Producer/Composer and Re-mixer that has been apart of the DJ Mar N Dean team for about 14-15 years, he has also been the resident mastering engineer who handles our music before submission.

Micheal is well known for remixing songs such as:

Micheal Barrett has a roster of original songs such as “Good Times” which is quite popular, you will soon discover what sort of talent Micheal offers with his musical creations as we move on to his interview.

After four years of production Micheal Barrett finally completes his first album ‘Definity’ which will be released through US publisher

It’s been an exciting journey seeing the album being compiled, mastered and all the careful choices leading up to the release, you can see the passion Micheal Barrett puts into his compositions.

What music peaks your interest these days? leave a comment below and let us know what sort of music you are into!

Production Tools

Micheal Barrett has a wide range of VSTi instruments, software and midi keyboards to tackle most of his work, he generally uses Ableton Live 10 Suite as his go to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Micheal's Studio Room Setup

Collaboration Projects

Micheal has worked with our team DJ Mar N Dean for many releases and he has also been working on a new project collaboration with his brother under the artist name Micheal N Dean,
Where they collaborate on a variety of new releases and remix each others tracks for EP’s and more.

Q: What do you do outside of music production Micheal?
A: When I am not creating music, I go out and enjoy paddle-boarding and gym training as it gives me peace of mind to focus on the next big project, I spend a lot of my time learning to play musical pieces on my piano and plan to improve my overall understanding of music by playing it more.

Micheal Barrett, Paddle-boarding at the beach!

Q: how does paddle-boarding make you feel?
A: Most of the time that I spend paddle-boarding, I am apart of nature and I feel in the zone when I get into it, I lay down and think hard about where I want to be in the next couple of years, this not only calms me, it helps me focus and I get to explore new ideas in ways I have never dreamed of before, it also allows me to think about the stuff that I have spent a lot of time learning, it gives me the ability to reflect on my choices and listen to my thoughts, overall it’s my way of getting out and relaxing and I get a decent workout, it’s a win-win that’s why I love it.

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