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Dear Readers,
We are exited to announce the new website which will serve as the new information hub for DJ Mar N Dean music and blog posts. lets take a look at some of the new things that will be up on our website and how we will be producing content for our readers and listeners. aims to provide new music releases from the team and act as a self publishing official website for all DJ Mar N Dean related music, blog posts Q & A and feature music from the team we wanted to get more work out to the readers as hassle free as possible and allows us to do just that.

  • Content Delivery
    • Music & Information
      We want to provide a direct and authentic music listening experience to our listeners by informing the fans of new releases and in progress work allowing folks a chance to get a chance to listen to our work or support the music they enjoy listening to, this allows us to get to know our listeners and build music compilations and playlists that appeal to our listeners.
    • Quality Articles, Q & A Posts
      Our music production team have taken a different approach to learning music, mastering music and overall being creative in the DIY and Self Taught realm of music production, how we produce music and or how we learn goes against the grain of traditional learning methods while it may have its strengths and drawbacks we are working to produce quality blog posts that cover our experience in the industry and keeping a cool head even when times are tough.
    • Announcements & Releases
      Creating music is a fun and enjoyable process so we want to be able to centralize our creative process and write announcements publishing the latest releases new member introductions and biography where our composers will give us an interview to learn more about their creative process and what music inspired them to create the music they make today.
    • Transparency
      Our Website is about selling music that we produce and sharing a wealth of knowledge that we have acquired over the years, however we do not claim to be experts but we do want to share information about the music creation process and how we as producers have grown to who we are today.
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A New Beginning

2019 Starts with a fresh new site and a new focus combining both music and blogging to reach a wider audience and produce quality content answering various questions and providing a great resource for producers getting started.

We may also be reviewing products and services and providing detailed content on why we use a product and how it has helped our music production workflow.

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