Should You Use Automated Music Mastering?

What is automated music mastering software and how can it best help you to save time mastering your songs for online release or producing better music by Dean Barrett

Automatic mastering tools are just that, Tools,  they are designed to help assist the artist to analyze problems with a track and generate preview versions using a range of different presets depending on the application or other reference materials to allow the producer to hear the work under different mastering presets sometimes this can work and works well for quick and efficient time saving methods to get a draft out to the publisher or to DJ’s to use live once you have the sound your after but will it replace a professional music engineer no, but It can point you in the right direction and especially useful if you are producing a lot of music and need quick masters before sending off to a production library.

Should You Use Automated Mastering Software?

Automated mastering software have a place a s music producers toolkit
it can assist the producer in testing different audio environments and reference points allowing the user to determine which quality best suit a mix, this can effectively save time allowing you the producer to focus on getting more ideas into your song & doing basic EQ & Monitoring your levels and then moving the final mix down mastering to Automated Solutions.

If your work includes lots of production music releases where you are sending a large compilation away to a production library publisher and you are reasonably good at mastering your sounds already then you may find automatic mastering tools helpful especially if you have a good reference of your own to use for the whole album or style of music you are after.

So in short it could serve as a valuable tool to someone that produces a very large amount of music. but if you are releasing say your first album and your going to be putting this out on mainstream media and other websites where you want people to buy your album then I would give it a look but I would also look at getting a professional engineer to take a look at your work and assist you if you can afford this because the quality and attention to detail that an engineer would provide will get your product sounding its best.

Do Automatic Mastering Tools Replace A Sound Engineer

No, because a professional sound engineer brings experience and a keen ear to evaluate your music and provide input for your music

Known Automatic Mastering Programs

As a music producer I know a few that I have utilized in some of my productions such as Landr and AAMS.
I have mostly used AAMS recently due to the configuration options and presets you can go through for reference materials to get a good idea of hour my mix sounds under different reference tracks.

Overall Experience Using Automatic Mastering Software?

Using AAMS has worked best for me and I have found good results while using it its less of a one click tool and more of a bunch of options hear the result go back to my mix and make tweaks and re-master to hear the difference generally I do not focus too heavily on the mastering phase until my song is composed.

I don’t mind having automated mastering applications as long as I have some kind of control over the application and during my trial of AAMS it gave me the kind of control I was seeking.


While using automated mastering tools to help with my recent projects I have found it to produce a better equalized track that plays better on multiple devices rather than just battling with my home studio setup or expensive headphones take a listen to my track Beyond The Stars Which was mastered using the AAMS tool for getting a quick master done for soundcloud. I was pretty impressed with the result and I am yet to try other settings.


Paying for a software tool to master my songs for me is quite handy but I do like the affordability of getting quick masters done that are appropriate I am more of a DIY producer so I mostly do my own mastering and learn on the job as I work with different musical styles.
A license to use AAMS I believe is around $65 Euros or 105.00 Australian Approximately and that’s a pretty affordable price to pay for what it does.


Consider Automated Mastering tools for large batch mastering options, consider a professional mastering engineer for official album releases for download and consumer release.

What do you think of automated mastering tools and how has it helped your music career?

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